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FDG Editorials

  1. Midterm Season as Artworks from History

    Date 01 Nov 2017
    by Tara Allen Flanagan Ah, autumn. The season of crunchy red and orange leaves, wood burning stoves, and hot beverages that may or may not include some pumpkin-related flavouring. One day, when I am old and grey, perhaps I will finally be able to disassociate this atmospheric season from the…

  2. Red Flags

    Date 31 Oct 2017
    by Hannah Nashman  While walking along a beautiful trail called the Beltline in Toronto earlier in October, I came across a display of art that sent chills through my body. The path came to a bridge over Yonge Street that from a distance looked festive, with hundreds of red ribbons…

  3. Art Gifts

    Date 30 Oct 2017
    Phil Collins’ free fotolab (2009) by Nina Chabel  Having recently declared my art history major, all the art history classes I have been taking so far were focussed on the European renaissance: the greats of the canon. It is only this semester that I’ve finally dipped my toes into contemporary…

  4. Meryl McMasters’ World

    Date 26 Oct 2017
    by Emma Renaud This fall, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts presents Elles Autochones, a collection dedicated to the work of Indigenous women artists. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was going to walk into. Being an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, you would expect quite a large room with an…

  5. Paperwork and the Will of Capital

    Date 25 Oct 2017
    Exploring Global Economic Market Relations via the “Impossible Bouquet” by Anya Kowalchuk  Taryn Simon’s current exhibit at the Musee d’Art Contemporain elegantly deconstructs vast global networks of geo-political relations that have come to characterize international affairs since 1944. She does this by making a study of floral arrangements present…

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