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FDG Editorials

  1. The Secret Pastiche of the Birks Heritage Chapel

    Date 26 Mar 2017
    By: Diana Sims Religion pokes through the surface of Montréal. Despite the seedy underbelly of sex clubs and St. Hubert motels, the cross always shines from the mountain top like an illuminated tree. Like the cross, church and synagogue rooftops sprout among the otherwise two-story architecture of neighborhoods like the…

  2. What You Need to Know about Auction Houses: The Basics

    Date 22 Mar 2017
    by Sylvie Schwartz A buyer holds his paddle. Credit Timothy A. Clary/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images The art world was abuzz after the big sales at Christie’s and Sotheby’s last week. Auction sales are something that we often hear about, as the sale prices are public information and works often…

  3. Modernism: Not Even Once

    Date 20 Mar 2017
    by Catherine LaRivière Where there’s a museum with a modern art wing, there’s a person probably saying “I could have done that.” And where that same person is, there’s probably an art history student replying “But you didn’t.” It’s ubiquitous, really. These artists painted geometric shapes and lines and splatters…

  4. Angry Reacts Only: Museum Spaces and the Politics of Viewing

    Date 20 Mar 2017
    by Aimée Tian A how to guide on acting like a decent human being in a gallery space. Graphic by the author herself (modeled after the book series). Museum visits can be quite the excursion. Beyond the stress-inducing decision of what to wear - so that you fit in, but…

  5. Making a Zine: A Montréal Resource Guide and Tutorial

    Date 17 Mar 2017
    By: Erika Kindsfather Montréal has a distinct and thriving zine culture, from the yearly Expozine to Montréal Archives’ Distroboto and extensive collections of independently published media. Independent publishing seems to pervade through the city’s activist art spaces, creating a unique accessibility to grassroots ideas, skill-share literature, collective issues, and collaborative…

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