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FDG Editorials

  1. “I’ll go bowling”: Robert Mankoff’s Life as Cartoon Editor of the New Yorker

    Date 30 Mar 2017
    By: Deanna Duxbury My parent’s weren’t big “art” people but they were obsessed with the news. Every story my mother saw or read (really, even on Breakfast Television) became an excuse to tell me to be careful, stay in and put on a sweater. I used to think it was…

  2. Boundaries and Frontiers: An Interview with Artist Kenzia Dalie

    Date 30 Mar 2017
    By: Kennedy Rooke “The Art of Passing By” by Kenzia Dalie. At The Fridge Door Gallery’s winter vernissage Kenzia Dalie exhibited her piece, The Art of Passing By. As her artist statement says, she “asked family members and friends to send me a list of their travels. I assigned…

  3. The Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum: Curious Curating and Stolen Art

    Date 29 Mar 2017
    By: Jacqueline Hampshire Art gallery, meets garden, meets cabinet of curiosities at the Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum. The eclectic mix of art and artifacts housed at Fenway Court in Boston demonstrates Stewart’s impressive collection as well as her creative vision for its display. As we walked around the multi-story mansion…

  4. Review: Cinéma Québécois: Projecting the Avant-Garde

    Date 28 Mar 2017
    By: Diana Sims Anthony McCall, Jane Weinstock, Claire Pajaczkowska and Andrew Tyndall’s 1979 “Sigmund Freud’s Dora: A Case of Mistaken Identity” via Scotiabank is where you go when you want to see  Batman vs. Superman. Cinéma du Parc is where you go when you want to see Moonlight. And…

  5. An Interview with Boundaries & Frontiers Artist Avery Shoemaker

    Date 26 Mar 2017
    By: Ann Cernek “Dependence” Ann Cernek (AC): Could you start by telling me a little bit about yourself? Avery Shoemaker (AS): Yeah, I’m from Minneapolis, I’m 20 years old and studying environment at McGill.  AC: What about your artwork? AS: I started painting when I was…

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