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FDG Editorials

  1. Interview with Perspectives/Perceptions Artist Iris Esquivel

    Date 26 Mar 2016
    Iris Esquivel was one of the artists featured in Fridge Door’s Winter 2016 exhibition “Perspectives/Perceptions.” She is a U3 Elementary Education student at McGill whose work as an artist is multidisciplinary, ranging from poetry to illustration.  Interview by Sylvie Schwartz How did you become interested in art and what drew you to

  2. Interview with Perspectives/Perceptions Artist Sarah Bentivegna

    Date 24 Mar 2016
    Sarah Bentivegna wa one of the artists featured in Fridge Door’s Winter 2016 exhibition Perspectives/Perceptions. She is a second year linguistics student at McGill whose work varies between film, photos, and collages made from various magazines and advertisements, and the occasional painting Interview by Lena Anne When did you first become interested

  3. Review of Imagine Brazil at DHC/ART

    Date 10 Mar 2016
    By Hope Christerson Imagine Brazil is an exhibition of contemporary Brazilian art inspired by the acronym BRIC. BRIC is a term used in the study of global economics, coined at the turn of the century, which refers to the countries Brazil, Russia, India and China and is based on the…

  4. Review of L’avenir Exhibition at the MAC’s Nocturne Biennale

    Date 22 Sep 2015
    By Kelli Sturkenboom This Friday, the Musée d’art contemporain hosted its fourth “Friday Nocturne” event of the year. This time, it was a special Biennale edition to coincide with the three-month-long art festival going on in Montréal. Their L’avenir exhibition was open from 5pm until 2am, with DJs, cocktail bars, light bites and…

  5. Review of Yunus Chkirate’s Le Triad Exhibition at the Galerie Triad

    Date 22 Sep 2015
    By Elizabeth White Elizabeth White discusses Yunus Chkirate’s Le Triad exhibition, on until November 6, 2014 at Galerie Triad (3475 Boulevard Saint-Laurent). This one man exhibition is not to be missed, and more information can be found on the website. Artist, Art and Space in Harmony: Yunus Chkirate’s Le Triad Gallery Upon entering on a…

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