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FDG Editorials

  1. Fridge Door Gallery Presents Idle Hands by Erika Kindsfather

    Date 17 Jan 2018
    Interview by Nina Chabel Fridge Door Gallery’s 2017 Fall vernissage happened last November where it showcased a variety of artwork by McGill Students. The exhibit had a performance piece called Idle Hands  by Erika Kindsfather. Referencing the biblical saying “idle hands are the devil’s workshop,” this piece aims to bring to…

  2. A Thank You to My First Art Teacher

    Date 16 Jan 2018
    by Sylvie Schwartz My elementary school art teacher is retiring this year after a lot of years of teaching. He’s been working at my local elementary school since my oldest brother, now 29, started there sometime in the mid-90’s. My other brother thought he was a giant. He had a…

  3. Fernando Palma Rodriguez in Retrospect

    Date 15 Jan 2018
    Reconciling Identity and Medium at the MACO by Anya Kowalchuk Guex Liu Kuu Ñunro Totalhuan (Our Land), is the first retrospective exhibit for artist Fernando Palma Rodriguez. Hailing from Atocpan-San Pedro, Mexico, Palma Rodriguez has amassed a large body of work, predominantly relating to modern capitalism, its environmental ramifications and…

  4. 5 Galleries to Visit for a Study Break

    Date 01 Dec 2017
    by Hannah Nashman It is end-of-term crunch time! Everyone is scrambling to get their final essays and projects done before beginning the daunting task of exam prep. However, we still need to take the occasional break during this busy time of year or maybe offer ourselves a reward for completing an…

  5. Podcasts about Art

    Date 28 Nov 2017
    by Mariah Lamont-Lennox Source: The Artsy Podcast, No. 54: Petra Collins and Marilyn Minter Talk Feminism and Horror Flicks. It seems like just about everyone is listening to podcasts these days, and for good reason - there are so many great ones out there! Unsurprisingly for an Art History student, I…

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