The Review

The Fridge Door Review is McGill's student-run online art journal. The Review publishes articles written by an editorial team comprised of students who are interested in art and art journalism. Our articles are accessible and present a wide variety of opinions to readers. The Review produces interesting art content during the Fall & Spring semesters and often works in tandem with The Fridge Door Gallery.

The Gallery

The Fridge Door Gallery is McGill’s original student-run art gallery. Our mission is to exhibit, promote, and encourage the production of student art. Founded by a group of Art History students in 2007, the Fridge Door team organizes one exhibition per semester, drawing much deserved attention to the artistic achievements of McGill’s student artists.

In the absence of a Fine Arts program, The Fridge Door Gallery is a unique and valuable addition to the McGill student experience. The gallery aims at providing the McGill campus with a creative arena, where students from any faculty may to show their creative work, and where the student body at large has a chance to view works made by their peers and engage in discussion about visual art. We  also aim to help boost artist careers by forming a supportive sales network with peers and enthusiasts at no commission cost.

The gallery also provides Art History students with the valuable opportunity to apply critical skills they have acquired in the classroom in practice, and to gain curatorial and business skills through the exhibition planning process. The Fridge Door Gallery team is composed of an executive committee  and active volunteers who together curate, organize, and mount the exhibitions, and an eight member editorial board creating content for this website.

The Fridge Door Gallery is generously supported by:

  • McGill Alumni Association

  • Art History and Communication Studies Student Association (AHCSSA)

  • Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS)

  • Fine Arts Council (FAC)

  • The Dean of Arts Development Fund (DADF)
  • McGill's Seeds of Change

Editorial Team

Editors in Chief

Tara Allen-Flanagan & Anya Kowalchuk

Staff Writers

Olivia Anzalone

Laure Brezard

Katya Conrad

Sophia Kamps

Hannah Megally

Nicholas Raffoul

Marie-Caroline Roussel

Executive Team

Executive Directors Sophia Barnao-Seward & Camille Crichlow

Head Curator Catriona Reid

Curatorial Team Mairin Miller, Hannah Deskin, Gemma Else & Caroline Saito

Gallery Managers Miray Eroglu & Mariah Lamont-Lennox

Directors of Digital Content Tara Allen-Flanagan & Anya Kowalchuk

Head of Design Christina Isaicu

Design Assistant Nelly Wat

Head of Marketing Kirsten Wesselow

Social Media Assistant Anna Moreira

Head of Programming Leah Smith

Programming Assistant Sophie Brzozowski

Head of Finance Grace Pooley

FDG x AHCSSA Rep Danielle Shmuel

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