1. Lost histories: Bringing stolen artifacts back home

    Date 04 Dec 2018
    By Nicholas Raffoul Redpath Museum In the past year, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany have begun to admit that many works dispersed across their museums and private collections are stolen artifacts from European colonial empires from the 19th century. As these stolen collections demonstrate, legacies of colonialism persist within…

  2. Lorna Bauer’s “Tool for Idlers”

    Date 26 Nov 2018
    By Hannah Megally Lorna Bauer’s “Tools for Idlers” is a humble meditation on place, urbanism and architecture resulting from a research residency in Rio de Janeiro, during which the artist spent much of her time in the home and gardens of Brazilian modernist landscape artist, Roberto Burle Marx. The exhibit…

  3. Mary Pop Pop Poppins: Murals of Montreal

    Date 26 Nov 2018
    By Katya Conrad “Winds in the east, mist coming in, like somethin’ is brewin’ and bout to begin…” What is about to begin, or more accurately what is already underway, is the huge PR campaign for Disney’s upcoming film Mary Poppins Returns. Today, for about the sixth time this week,…

  4. Treasures of a Still Life

    Date 24 Nov 2018
    By Marie-Caroline Roussel The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has an amazing selection of Early Modern artworks on display as part of the permanent collection in the Michael and Renata Pavilion for Peace. What peaked my interest was the Curiosity Cabinet replica, a small circular room set up to evoke…

  5. Malleability of Clay: Ceramics at the McClure Gallery

    Date 20 Nov 2018
    By Sophia Kamps Currently showing at the McClure Gallery at the Visual Arts Center is 573°, the third installment in the Virginia McClure Ceramic Biennale. This year’s exhibit features the work of five ceramicists, Catherine De Abreu, Veronika Horlik, Julie Lavoie, Guy Simoneau, and Vera Vicente, all based in Quebec.…

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