1. Camilla Engstrom Could Be Your Daily Positivity Intake

    17 Mar 2019
    By Laure Brezard Camilla Engstrom Art can be inaccessible and hard to grasp; it can be elitist, and may at times make you feel uncomfortable –these characteristics are sometimes seen as inherently part of art. Many artists and movements have tried to break away from this very notion, trying to…

  2. Ariana Grande and the Appropriation of Foreign Scripts: A Tale as Old as 10th Century Byzantium

    18 Feb 2019
    By Sophia Kamps January 29, 2019: Pop superstar Ariana Grande revealed a new tattoo to celebrate the release of her single “7 Rings.” The Japanese characters on her palm, intended to say 7 rings, actually meant BBQ grill. 10th Century, Christian Constantinople: A glass bowl was decorated with elaborate medallions…

  3. Exploring Tenderness in Art at the VAV Gallery

    06 Feb 2019
    By Nicholas Raffoul For their first exhibition of the year, Concordia University’s VAV Gallery explores the concept of tenderness (both physically and emotionally) of artistic mediums, as well as vulnerable sensations such as love, grief, and intimacy in I FEEL TENDER. Vulnerability and tenderness is a theme in both artistic…

  4. An Archive of Disappearing Landscapes

    29 Jan 2019
    By Marie-Caroline Roussel Mario Colonel is a French photographer who settled in Chamonix when he was 25 years old. Passionate about mountain-climbing, he wanted to become a mountain guide but eventually chose to walk a more artistic path. For decades, he has scouted European mountain ranges, sometimes exploring other parts…

  5. A 21st Century Warhol

    29 Jan 2019
    By Olivia Anzalone The ultra-popular retrospective at the Whitney, Andy Warhol — From A to B and Back Again, presents a modern vision of the eponymous pop artist. Few artists are as present in both the art world and in mainstream society as Warhol. The artist’s carefully curated persona and…

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