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10 Reasons to Come to FDG’s Vernissage

Graphic by Christina Isaicu.

FDG’s fall vernissage is happening this Saturday, November 18th from 6 - 9 pm at The Glass Door Gallery. The theme is “Materialize”, tying into this very exciting detail: it is also Fridge Door’s tenth birthday! Ten years ago our little student art gallery was born; if you missed our retrospective, check it out here. In anticipation of tomorrow’s exhibition and ten years of FDG, I have complied a list of ten reasons to stop by the vernissage!

1. Support student artists!

FDG is McGill’s only student run art gallery that features art entirely by McGill students.

2. Enjoy art!

Why does anyone do anything? For the fun of it!

3. Be a part of McGill history!

FDG is a McGill institution, come be a part of its ten year run!

4. Make new friends!

Meet a whole bunch of cool people who love art just as much as you do.

5. Get ~cultured~

You can definitely brag to your friends about the cool art you got to see over the weekend.

6. Get into the MTL art scene. 

Montreal has a thriving artistic community, just take a look at any one of the many murals throughout the city. Get into the scene!

7. Experience new kinds of art!

This year’s show has photography, painting, collage, performance art and more!

8. Meet future stars!

Did you know that Claire Boucher aka Grimes was an FDG artist while she attended McGill? Maybe you’ll meet some up-and-comers at this year’s show!

9. Celebrate with us!

This is not only a vernissage but a birthday party as well! Join in on the festivities and celebrate with us!

10. Consume wine and cheese (and cake).

Really, who doesn’t love free food? Every vernissage is fully equipped with wine and cheese to last through the night, and this year we’re adding cake into the mix! Yum!

The vernissage is happening this Saturday, November 18th from 6 - 9 pm at The Glass Door Gallery, 4064 Blvd Ste-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Y8.

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