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Alessandra Salituri’s Citizen Atelier: the International Online Art Gallery of Your Dreams

by Deanna Duxbury

Are you familiar with Sherlock Holmes? There’s a whole aesthetic around the Victorian knick-knack obsessed, clustered and crowded bourgeois apartment that he famously occupied. Cluttered with curious and eclectic objects, I too live in this perpetual state of mayhem. It’s in my blood. I have oil paintings and framed rare book prints and old maps splattered across the wall space in my studio in-between multiple floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

@citizenatelier Instagram feed

Of course, we always want what we can’t have. I love every inch of my living space, but not so secretly covet the current trend of minimalism and simple elegance. I want to be a successful young professional with stunning art prints, white furniture and gold, geometric accents. 

The source of this visual obsession: the beautiful Alessandra Salituri and her online international art gallery, Citizen Atelier.

Citizen Atelier Online Gallery Page “Explore Artists”

Alessandra Salituri (McGill graduate and entrepreneur) is devoted to making art accessible and giving marketing and business consultation to artists on the rise. Carefully curating her pieces internationally, she is able to present young professionals with a way to find unique pieces for the price they want.  

Citizen Atelier Online Gallery “About” Page

Her interior design and curated art pieces flash like a fairy-tale land across my desktop. Her style is perfection, her picks are pristine…it’s fair to say I spend to much time there.

Citizen Atelier Online Gallery Blog Page “Inspiration Gallery”

She talks about this in a feature for the Montreal Gazette: “Let’s say you take a young professional who wants to go out and buy a piece of art for their place; where do you go? You might feel intimidated to go to the art gallery, but you don’t want to go to the big-box store and buy a mass-produced image”. 

This is where her website comes in. Their mission states, “Citizen Atelier is an online art gallery that brings together contemporary photography and works on paper from a range of international artists, both emerging and established…. Structured as an online marketplace, Citizen Atelier offers a selection of handpicked open-edition and limited edition works of art. Our exclusive limited-edition pieces are printed and signed by the artists in their respective studios worldwide”. Based in Montreal and spreading through Los Angeles, Citizen Atelier portrays the sophisticated art and décor that appeals to millennials now.  

Citizen Atelier Online Gallery Page Artist Search

Salituri grew up with an artistic mother, bringing her to art galleries and vernissages as a child. She noted in the Gazette interview that, “a lot of artists struggle with the business side of art…I kind of fell into the role of her art marketer, and I started helping her run the business side of her art so she could focus on creating,”

Citizen Atelier Online Gallery Blog Page “Our Art Picks For The Fashion Forward”

Her success has been widespread. Elle Décor names Citizen Atelier one of the top online art galleries and her work has been featured in Vogue, MyDomaine, The Zoe Report, Architectural Digest and more!  

Citizen Atelier Online Gallery “Fringe” by Ashley Woodson Bailey

Within six months of the launch, Jessica Alba’s interior designer picked up a print from a local artist and friend of Salituri, Amy Friend, giving the website the amazing exposure it deserved. 

The art alone is stunning. Work filters in from all corners of the world.   

Girl With Orchid IX by Krisjan Rossouw (South Africa) $825

Each print is carefully curated to appeal to the modern professional- evocative and drawing, artists from around the globe can be found and shipped right to your door. In creating a “very niche” space, her online gallery allows art to be shared and experienced on a larger scale.

Crystal Cove I by Stephanie Vovas (California) $395

I love everything about this, especially because I know the daunting experience of walking into a gallery and believing that you’re missing something if nothing seems right to you. The lofty aspirations of art make it seem like you need to be “in the know” to truly enjoy it. Salituri saw this in Montreal as well, the clear divide between high art and the emerging art scene. Her site allows you to browse and skim and add-to-cart with glee. It’s an enthralling wonderland of artistic opportunity, exposing you to genuine pieces from the ease of your computer.

Mas Lejos by Antonio Mora (Spain) $165

Though I have little to no space for more art, can you really ever have enough art? I could hang them over the microwave or plaster prints across my ceiling. That seems like a logical thing to do. 

Salituri makes falling in love with Citizen Atelier that alluring. Everything about the project exudes confidence, finesse and beauty. 

My obsession aside, I highly encourage you to explore the wealth of possibilities on Salituri’s online gallery. Become inspired by a young graduate’s success. Discover something moving- something giddy and drawing and irrevocably wonderful because that’s the kind of art that should clutter your walls.  

Crowning Glory by Simone Truong (England) $205

Images retrieved from Citizen Atelier’s website.

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