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Interview with Montreal-based Artist Jeffrey Rosenberg

by Sarah Bentivegna

I’ve always been interested in finding and supporting local artists. It’s not so hard to do so within the McGill community due to all of the different creative outlets that expose them, such as Fridge Door itself. Since coming to Montreal two years ago, I found myself curious to discover the work of local artists. When finding Rosenberg’s art, I didn’t have to look far. In fact, I was simply leaving a restaurant in Westmount. Near the exit was a pile of what looked like post cards. I was interested in the simplicity of the drawings on these cards. I sorted through the pile and found the design of a peculiar looking man who interested me. The lines that made up this man seemed animated. It was almost as if the sketch was subtly moving and breathing. I picked up the card and took the sketch with me (it was free, don’t worry).

Jeffrey Rosenberg, Untitled.

After looking up more of Jeffrey’s art, which can be found on his website, I found more of his pieces that reflected this style of sketch. Each one of these figures seemed to have their own personal story, and I was curious.

Jeffrey Rosenberg, Untitled.

Because of my curiosity in Jeffrey’s work, I decided I’d love to find out more. I reached out to him and conducted a short and sweet interview. Here is that interview: 

SB: Do you find that being a graphic designer by profession helps or hinders how you make your other artwork? 

JR: For sure. Graphic design helps you generate visual organization, technical knowledge and a know how from all kind of media. 

SB: What themes do you pursue in your drawings, if any? 

JR: I am a lover of portrait; I like to work on human expression that tells a story. I think often a portrait hanging in a room will bring curiosity and reflection by just looking at it. The same thing for photography: I like art with people staring and making you feel as if they were telling you something. 

SB: Where do you find content for your sketches? Are they inspired by people that you have met, or are they based off of imagination? 

JR: I would say a mix of both, I do research on the web to find inspiration on all types of images, sometimes it’s my own photos, and when I start drawing I leave myself the liberty of going wild with the treatment and the lines styles, so it becomes my own. 

SB: What are your future plans regarding your career as an artist? 

JR: I hope I can reach a lot of people with my art; I think that all artists really want to be recognized for their uniqueness in the way they see the world. I hope I can exhibit my work as much as possible and inspire others to do the same. 

As Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Jeffrey Rosenberg, Untitled.

Jeffrey’s art will be featured in a gallery as of mid-November. The opening does not yet have a specific date , but it will be held in a galleria space shared with Pizzeria Melrose. Consult their Facebook page within the next few weeks as they should be releasing more specific information about the gallery in the near future. 

Thank you again to Jeffrey for collaborating with me.

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