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Looking at my Friends in Museums

By: Kennedy Rooke

My roommates and I recently took a trip to Paris to visit our fourth roommate, Marissa, as she spends her year abroad studying at Sciences Po. While we were there we visited most of the traditional tourist attractions, which of course included some very famous museums. My roommate Meghan was intent on taking pictures with pretty much everything. Basically as soon as we got there she made us take a photo of her holding a baguette in the air with a beret on. My roommate Brianne is a devoted studier of art history, so she was itching to see the famous works she had seen millions of times in class, IRL.

As I thought about what I should write about all the famous works of art I saw in Paris, I realized there wasn’t anything too exciting to say that hadn’t already been said by people much more knowledgeable than I. I love some good art just as much as the next person, but my favourite thing about strolling around those museums was watching my friends take selfies and get giddy at seeing their favourite works of art up close.

We visited the Louvre, the Musée D’Orsay, and the Château Versailles. I’d like to take you on a trip through these places via pictures of my friends. Get ready for lots of selfies of Meghan Raffensperger (she specifically requested her full name be used), and lots of pictures of Meghan’s selfies courtesy of Brianne Chapelle.

Here we go, starting with the Louvre! We’ve kindly captured the Mona Lisa for you here at every possible angle.

I got sick during our trip, which made the Musée D’Orsay visit more of a “find-a-place-to-sit-down” visit for me. My friends, however, captured some great moments.

At the Musée D’Orsay Brianne met some of her favourite famous paintings. Here she is with the Toulouse L’autrec’s and the famous Olympia.

In Versailles we tried to imagine what it would be life to live in a castle in which you weren’t allowed to touch anything.

Imitating the art was a running theme throughout our visits, as evidenced here.

The only photo I took at any of the museums was this one, Self-Portrait, Mocking, by Joseph Ducreux in 1793. These guys were masters of the ironic selfie way before us millennials came along with our smart phones.

My favourite parts about Paris were not the museums or the Eiffel Tower or the other must-see tourist attractions. My favourite part was spending time with my friends. Corny, cheesy, mushy, I know. We ate falafel and cheese and baguettes and drank beer and wine. We narrowly missed seeing Kanye West at the Trocadero for fashion week. We watched An American in Paris, and Marie Antoinette, and Hot Rod (not really fitting with the theme, but oh well). It was tough to say goodbye to Paris and Marissa but we had a good time, and we took some good selfies.

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