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Meet the 2017/18 Editorial Board!

compiled by Aimée Tian and Kennedy Rooke

Hi FDG enthusiasts! Following the overwhelming love and support we received last year, we’re back again with another year of exciting content. Get ready to meet our new Editorial Board for the 2017-2018 school year! We can’t wait to get started with writing about our favourite things and bringing the Montreal art scene to a McGill audience. Be sure to stay tuned by following us on social media or checking back during the week for our articles.

Aimée Tian, Co-director of Digital Content

Hi everyone! I’m currently completing my last year of undergraduate study at McGill in Art History, with a double minor in Communications Studies and Economics. My interests lie in all realms of arts and culture, but I am particularly fascinated by urban/public art (also the commodification of art), racial politics and identity, and streetwear fashion. I am also rather fond of astrology, museum gift shops, and the Love and Hip Hop franchise. If I’m on campus, chances are that I can be found running around Arts-W with a coffee in hand, or on my laptop trying to justify another shoe purchase.

Kennedy Rooke, Co-director of Digital Content

I am a fourth year English Literature and German Language student at McGill! I am very interested in the publishing industry, pop culture, graphic novels, and basically anything and all to do with books! You can usually find me hunting for the perfect cozy corner of the library, trying to keep up with my readings on the bus, or doing my most favourite thing, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Nina Chabel, Content Producer 

I am currently an undergraduate student at McGill University studying Art History and English Literature. My interests lie in photography, 20th century collage art, abstract expressionism, and how audiences engage with art in a museum or gallery setting by looking at art while photographing it. I also have a soft spot for 80s pop culture, poetry, the publishing industry, and old dreamy Swedish films. 

Tara Flanagan, Content Producer 

I’m a third year English Literature and Art History double major who likes making jokes, keeping bees, and climbing rocks. I’m interested in the history of cosmetics, female beauty standards, and the gender politics of fashion. You can find me touching up my eyeliner in one of the many reflective surfaces around campus or staring at public art around Montreal while wondering how hard it would be to climb.

Anya Kowalchuk, Content Producer 

I’m a fourth year Art History student with a minor in History. I’m super interested in the politics of the museum in regards to the semiotics of the space and curatorial practice, as well as the evolution of style and the often-overlooked material culture that articulates it. I’m passionate about quality stationary, and am never without a ballpoint, felt-tip and fountain pen. In my free time I’m usually napping, watching Broad City or biking around the Mile End.

Mariah Lamont-Lennox, Content Producer 

Hi, I’m Mariah Lamont-Lennox. I am a nineteen-year-old Aquarius from Cabbagetown, Toronto. This is my second year at McGill, and I am majoring in Art History with a minor in GSFS. I feel very lucky to have grown up in an artistic family, and in a city with thriving art scene. As a kid, I spent a lot of time rolling around gallery floors and crying at art openings. I don’t often roll around or cry at galleries these days, but I feel very at home spending hours at an exhibition or going to see some experimental performance art. The art scene in Montreal is super cool and innovative so I am super excited to be writing for the Fridge Door Gallery this year. Now when I go to art events, instead of boring my roommates, I can tell all of you, fabulous art-loving readers about them!

Hannah Nashman, Content Producer 

I am currently in my final year studying Art History and Communications at McGill University. I have a keen interest in art history matching my passion for creating my own art as a mix-media contemporary artist and photographer. I have had the opportunity to work at various contemporary galleries in Toronto (my home town) where I would manage and curate art work both purchased and in stock. In addition, I was able to display my art pieces at the galleries. I am passionate about all types of art and I hope to share my interests and perspectives with you in the up coming year!

Emma Renaud, Content Producer 

I’m a third year majoring in Art History and double-minoring in Political Science and East Asian Cultural Studies. I love art and try to be surrounded by it as frequently as possible by going to the museum or just walking around the city. I’m always listening to music and passionate about finding links between different kinds of art (music, film, paintings, etc.). Can’t wait to explore more of McGill’s art scene through the FDG!

Charlotte Reine Robson, Content Producer 

My name is Charlotte Reine and I am in my second year at McGill University. I study English Cultural Studies, Marketing and Communications. Having lived in both New York and London, I have been fortunate to see and experience lots of artwork, and thus have always been very interested in learning more about different genres of art as well as discover new artists – that’s why joining the Fridge Door Gallery appeals to me! Although I could never pick one favourite artist, photography and abstract expressionism art are the fields that I find the most pleasure in. Personally, I make art in music form, whether it be through stand-alone lyrics or complete songs; music is where I am most expressive. I am very excited to dive into the art world of McGill and Montreal with the Fridge Door Gallery and look forward to sharing my experiences with you!

Sylvie Schwartz, Content Producer 

I am a U3 double major in Art History and English Lit, and I recently acquired a History minor! I am most interested in the art market and its relationship to the political sphere! Aside from school, I recently completely my preliminary yoga teaching certification, and am now pursuing more training in restorative yoga and how emotions manifest in the body! This, summer, I also learned how to read tarot cards! I like flamingos and things with bikes on them, and am fortunate to live with my best friend, a black cat named Simon!

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