1. My Antikythera Wreck

    Date 08 Feb 2018
    by Sylvie Schwartz I’ve spent most of my time at McGill studying contemporary art, but lately I find myself imagining the Antikythera wreck. The Antikythera wreck was a shipwreck that happened sometime in the first century BCE, and as such everything that I know about it comes from newspaper articles…

  2. Patterns that I Never See

    Date 07 Feb 2018
    by Nora McCready Recently I have found myself dreading going to school. It’s not the classes or the work that repels me, it’s something I feel in the air. There’s a mood cast over me when I am downtown, a burden that weighs on me every time I think of…

  3. “The Manuscripts of Timbuktu”: A Conversation with Cynthia Copper

    Date 06 Feb 2018
    Interview by Nina Chabel I met with photographer Cynthia Copper over a cup of coffee to discuss the series of photographs she took while on her trip to Timbuktu in 2008 with her daughter Pia Copper, and what she thinks of the evolving and changing medium of photography. From this…

  4. The Painting Recognition Test That No One Asked For

    Date 05 Feb 2018
    by Tara Allen Flanagan With midterms coming up and paper deadlines on their way, nothing feels more necessary than a hard-earned break from academia. Soothe your mind with this art historical quiz that will challenge your knowledge of famous artworks without any real repercussions. The grade you receive is arbitrary…

  5. Hockney on 5th

    Date 01 Feb 2018
    by Charlotte Reine  David Hockney, English artist extraordinaire, brings color through canvas to New York’s 5th avenue.  The MET is currently honoring Hockney’s 80th year by presenting his most iconic works and delving into some of his greatest accomplishments to date.  The exposition makes evident Hockney’s use of color and…

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