1. How well do you know your neighbourhood?

    Date 22 Nov 2017
    by Emma Renaud It’s my third year here in Montréal and as time passes, I am realizing just how vibrant the city’s history is. We all know of neighbourhoods such as the McGill Ghetto, the Plateau, the Vieux-Port, etc. But how well do you know the past of all those little

  2. Artist Interview: Nina Chabel

    Date 21 Nov 2017
    by Anya Kowalchuk  Nina Chabel is in third year double majoring in English Literature and Art History. In addition to school and photography she sits on the Art History Students Association, the Fridge Door Gallery, as well as the Fridge Door Gallery Editorial board. In other words, she’s a busy…

  3. Remedios Varo, I Love You

    Date 20 Nov 2017
    by Sylvie Schwartz We are now in the second half of November. It’s cold without snow (the only fun part about the cold), windy, and I have homework to do. Brainstorming essay after essay, writing visual analysis after visual analysis - in my most refined academic terms - I sometimes get…

  4. 10 Reasons to Come to FDG’s Vernissage

    Date 17 Nov 2017
    Graphic by Christina Isaicu. FDG’s fall vernissage is happening this Saturday, November 18th from 6 - 9 pm at The Glass Door Gallery. The theme is “Materialize”, tying into this very exciting detail: it is also Fridge Door’s tenth birthday! Ten years ago our little student art gallery was born;…

  5. Photos of Fridge Doors on Fridge Doors

    Date 16 Nov 2017
    An Exercise in Consciousness for Fridge Door by Marissa Fortune I started collecting fridge doors in the summer of 2015, when I moved into a shitty plateau apartment with five bedrooms, no furniture, a borrowed cat (named James - this is an essential detail), and roommates who had all migrated…

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