1. I Want to Talk in Museums

    Date 15 Nov 2017
    By Tara Allen Flanagan Last week I went to a museum for the first time in a long time. For someone who loves art, I don’t visit a lot of exhibits. Did you catch the Chagall exhibit at the MMFA? I bet you loved it. No, I didn’t go, but…

  2. Welcome (Back) to Fridge Door Gallery

    Date 14 Nov 2017
    A retrospective look back at Fridge Door’s founding ten years ago in 2007 and some thoughts on where we are now.  by Brianne Chapelle and Erika Kindsfather with quotations from a founding document written by the original FDG team The seminal text, Fridge Door’s manifesto! A page from the first…

  3. Museums in Movies

    Date 13 Nov 2017
    by Nina Chabel This is that time in the semester when I have a million things to write and a million and one things to read and all I keep thinking about is everything else I wish I was doing instead. So many new exhibits popping up all over the…

  4. L’Offre: The Politics of the Gift

    Date 09 Nov 2017
    by Anya Kowalchuk DHC/Art’s current exhibit L’Offre displays the primarily sculptural work of 8 contemporary artists. With great diversities among their artistic oeuvres and cultural backgrounds, the exhibit connects works through a curatorial theme, which posits the artists as interpreters of the social, historical and cultural implications of a gift. While…

  5. Interview with Claudia Faria-Ritelli

    Date 08 Nov 2017
    by Emma Renaud Meet Claudia Faria-Ritelli, a Montréal-born artist. Before moving to São Paulo, Claudia was schooled at F.A.C.E.: a charming, one-of-a-kind school of the arts. She is currently an art student in Montréal, and her work presents a world full of creativity. Her paintings, drawings and collages all have a mesmerizing touch, just like her…

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