1. Welcome (Back) to Fridge Door Gallery

    14 Nov 2017
    A retrospective look back at Fridge Door’s founding ten years ago in 2007 and some thoughts on where we are now.  by Brianne Chapelle and Erika Kindsfather with quotations from a founding document written by the original FDG team The seminal text, Fridge Door’s manifesto! A page from the first…

  2. Museums in Movies

    13 Nov 2017
    by Nina Chabel This is that time in the semester when I have a million things to write and a million and one things to read and all I keep thinking about is everything else I wish I was doing instead. So many new exhibits popping up all over the…

  3. L’Offre: The Politics of the Gift

    09 Nov 2017
    by Anya Kowalchuk DHC/Art’s current exhibit L’Offre displays the primarily sculptural work of 8 contemporary artists. With great diversities among their artistic oeuvres and cultural backgrounds, the exhibit connects works through a curatorial theme, which posits the artists as interpreters of the social, historical and cultural implications of a gift. While…

  4. Interview with Claudia Faria-Ritelli

    08 Nov 2017
    by Emma Renaud Meet Claudia Faria-Ritelli, a Montréal-born artist. Before moving to São Paulo, Claudia was schooled at F.A.C.E.: a charming, one-of-a-kind school of the arts. She is currently an art student in Montréal, and her work presents a world full of creativity. Her paintings, drawings and collages all have a mesmerizing touch, just like her…

  5. Space Oddity through Art

    07 Nov 2017
    Bill Viola’s Exploration of Space By Charlotte Reine New York-born artist Bill Viola creates installations that focus on film and sound. He uses flat panel video pieces and has even worked for concerts, operas, and sacred spaces. It can be said with quite some ease: he knows space. On a bright…

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