1. Janie-Julien Fort and the Materiality of Photography

    19 Oct 2017
    by Nina Chabel  Exhibited at the contemporary photography art gallery La Castiglione, Faire Rouler La Machine is the result of photo developing accidents and experiments in the dark room by Janie Julien-Fort. The results of these processes and manipulations have been compiled from a period of over five years and…

  2. Graffiti Struck: Spotlight on NYC Artist Cope2

    18 Oct 2017
    by Hannah Nashman I had the privilege of meeting the graffiti artist Cope2 while working at an art gallery in Toronto called Struck during the summer of 2016. Struck is a contemporary art gallery that represents international Pop and Graffiti artists. The gallery hosted Cope2 for a week in Toronto while he…

  3. What is Love? Jean-Paul Don’t Hurt Me

    17 Oct 2017
    by Tara Flanagan A review of the Montreal Museum of Fine Art’s “Love is Love”. The Montreal Museum of Fine Art’s exhibit “Love is Love” closes on October 22nd, and thus marks the end of a six-year collaboration between the MMFA and designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. The MMFA’s “The Fashion World…

  4. Meet the 2017/18 Editorial Board!

    16 Oct 2017
    compiled by Aimée Tian and Kennedy Rooke Hi FDG enthusiasts! Following the overwhelming love and support we received last year, we’re back again with another year of exciting content. Get ready to meet our new Editorial Board for the 2017-2018 school year! We can’t wait to get started with writing about our favourite things…

  5. BBOI: A Black Beauty Archive

    17 Apr 2017
    by Deanna Duxbury via Richenda Grazette, Bad Bitches of Instagram (http://badbitchesofinstagram.tumblr.com) Yes, this is exactly as cool as you think it is (if not more). Just read the title again. Nod to yourself. Grab a bag of chips. Get ready to lurk social media for hours. Richenda Grazette was invited back to McGill…

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