1. Making a Zine: A Montréal Resource Guide and Tutorial

    Date 17 Mar 2017
    By: Erika Kindsfather Montréal has a distinct and thriving zine culture, from the yearly Expozine to Montréal Archives’ Distroboto and extensive collections of independently published media. Independent publishing seems to pervade through the city’s activist art spaces, creating a unique accessibility to grassroots ideas, skill-share literature, collective issues, and collaborative…

  2. Sentimental for Serra

    Date 16 Mar 2017
    By: Jacqueline Hampshire One of my most vivid memories of experiencing art as a child was a family trip to Dia:Beacon on our way to New York City. Dia:Beacon is an immense exhibition space housed in an old Nabisco box printing factory in Beacon NY. I was around 12 years old…

  3. The Museum of Fine Arts Addresses the Refugee Crisis

    Date 15 Mar 2017
    By: Ann Cernek In conjunction with the opening of the Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion for Peace, the Museum of Fine Arts is featuring two exhibits: Conflict by Adel Abdessemed and No Pasara by Leila Alaoui. Located in adjacent rooms, one installation features photographs while the other is made up…

  4. Looking at my Friends in Museums

    Date 14 Mar 2017
    By: Kennedy Rooke My roommates and I recently took a trip to Paris to visit our fourth roommate, Marissa, as she spends her year abroad studying at Sciences Po. While we were there we visited most of the traditional tourist attractions, which of course included some very famous museums. My…

  5. ‘I Smoke Because My Parents Do Not’: Raymond Pettibon @ The New Museum

    Date 10 Mar 2017
    by Aimée Tian Pettibon’s counterculture narrative of America’s dark underbelly is not for the faint of heart. I arrived at the New Museum on a rainy Wednesday morning, disheartened to find that the Sky Room was closed to visitors on weekdays. Towering above the nitty-gritty of the Bowery, the museum…

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