1. Was Cy Twombly a Hottie? An Interview with Jessica Campbell author of Hot of Not: 20th-Century Male Artists

    Date 24 Feb 2017
    By: Jacqueline Hampshire via Jessica Campbell. In 2016, artist Jessica Campbell added an essential literary work to the art historical canon. Through captivating text and visual analysis, Campbell fills one of the gaping holes in the history of art. For too long male artists of the 20th century have been…

  2. Musings on UH-OH: Frances Stark 1991-2015 @ MFA, Boston

    Date 23 Feb 2017
    by Brianne Chapelle  The MFA Boston recently exhibited a monographic show featuring LA-based artist Frances Stark called, “Uh-Oh Frances Stark 1990-2015.” She is also a writer and much of her work has textual elements if that interests you. I urge you to run to the museum, upstairs to the contemporary wing, and…

  3. What is the Mile End Aesthetic?

    Date 21 Feb 2017
    By: Diana Sims Work by Salina Ladha. Image via https://salinaladha.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/casa.jpg In the four years I’ve lived in Montreal, I’ve seen more line drawings of plants than sesame seed bagels, Canada Goose jackets, and construction cones combined. A possible explanation for this unlikely statistic is my regular presence in Mile End boutiques,…

  4. Tour of My Bookshelf

    Date 20 Feb 2017
    By: Kennedy Rooke Perhaps you have gathered from my previous articles that I am not an art student. No, I study English and German. I read a lot of books – or I read half of them and Sparknotes the rest. Nobody’s perfect. Books and (visual) art are of course…

  5. MoMA vs. the Muslim Ban: The Paint Brush is Mightier than the (President’s) Pen

    Date 17 Feb 2017
    by Deanna Duxbury I won’t fill you in on the details of the #muslimban…other than the fact that Trump works to bar seven predominantly Muslim countries from the United States effectively separating relatives, severing lives and spreading terror for ones safety, citizenship and respect in a convoluted effort to protect…

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