1. So, you wanna be an art nerd?

    Date 01 Feb 2017
    by Catherine LaRivière Well, perhaps you’re currently finding yourself in the situation that you want to look like you know things about art when you go to museums, and in this case our girl Kennedy has got your back. But maybe you’re grappling with a deep-set existential crisis that has…

  2. Centerfold: A conversation space for local young artists.

    Date 30 Jan 2017
    by Aimée Tian Centerfold is a Montréal based art initiative founded in 2015 by a group of university students: Nadim El-Asmar, Adam Rutledge, Sandro Papais, and Brittne Potter. Describing themselves as a grassroots, community-driven organization, Centerfold aims to deconstruct traditional conceptions upheld by art institutions and provide opportunities for local artists

  3. “It’s fun to be bad”: Hatecopy and Babbu the Painter’s “Bad Beti” Exhibition

    Date 30 Jan 2017
    by Deanna Duxbury This December, artists Hatecopy and Babbu the Painter collaborated in a multi-cultural, creative exhibition in the heart of Toronto. Breaking the norms of what it means to be a Desi woman, they explored bold and rebellious painting and poster work in an effort to express the pressures…

  4. The Visual Culture of the Women’s March on Washington and the Issue of Archives

    Date 26 Jan 2017
    By Erika Kindsfather Credit:Jenny Sowry  After Donald Trump’s inauguration in the United States and the political concerns surrounding this event sparked a broader interest in public demonstration, the Internet has been ripe with news articles covering the Women’s March on Washington, namely ones listing the “Best Signs” of the event. With the…

  5. It’s All Happening So Fast: Run, Don’t Walk to the CCA

    Date 26 Jan 2017
    By Jacqueline Hampshire Until the 9th of April, the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) has an exhibition titled It‘s All Happening So Fast, A Counter-History of the Modern Canadian Environment. Through elegant graphic design, art works, maps, architectural plans, video footage, audio and text, the exhibition examines the ways in…

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