1. Marfa, Texas: Installation Art in the Middle of Nowhere

    07 Feb 2017
    By: Diana Sims In 1893, Frederick Jackson Turner’s well-received and much-discussed Frontier Thesis proposed the American West to be, not only where American democracy, egalitarianism, and violence was born, but also where America declared itself disinterested in the high culture that so neatly stratified the Old World. Never would the…

  2. I created my own public art crawl..and so can you!!

    06 Feb 2017
    By: Ann Cernek  Last fall, Catherine LaRivière wrote an article about the role that public art plays in breaking social barriers and shaping the city’s identity. The streets of Montréal are filled with public art, and even the shortest of walks reveal the creativity of the city, whether through a…

  3. Sunsets Make Me Uncomfortable

    05 Feb 2017
    By: Kennedy Rooke Graphic by Erika Kindsfather When I was a kid I had six of my adult teeth removed. Three sessions, two teeth each time. Each time I nervously entered the dentist’s office waiting for the inevitable prick of the needle four times in my mouth, and then a…

  4. Pussyhats: Identity Politics and Political Art

    01 Feb 2017
    by Sylvie Schwartz Angela Peoples holding sign at Women’s March on Washington. Photo by Kevin Banatte, obtained via The Root. via Getty Images/ Glamour When people gathered at Women’s Marches around the world on Saturday, January 21, many of them were wearing pink pussyhats. According to the project’s website, these handmade, rectangular…

  5. So, you wanna be an art nerd?

    01 Feb 2017
    by Catherine LaRivière Well, perhaps you’re currently finding yourself in the situation that you want to look like you know things about art when you go to museums, and in this case our girl Kennedy has got your back. But maybe you’re grappling with a deep-set existential crisis that has…

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