1. How to “Make it as a Hypebeast”: A Collection of Thoughts

    Date 16 Jan 2017
    by Aimée Tian Disclaimer: if you get offended, please don’t. It probably just means that you’ve made it. 1. First things first. Do a lot of background research. Know your brands. After all, streetwear fashion has become the mainstream nowadays, anyways. Better to keep up. 2. Follow sites like Complex,…

  2. Processing “Process(ed)”: A Photo Journal

    Date 28 Nov 2016
    photos and captions by Catherine LaRivière Co-president Dylan Brekka greeting the incoming crowd Observing works by Nikhil Tangirala and Michelle Takamori Raphael, Jules Tomi’s model for Nnaemeka, checking out works by Adam Melnyk, Sofia Schmidt, and Taylor Mitchell Checking out work by Chloe Rowan Co-president Catherine LaMendola and friends Digital Content…

  3. Artists and Their Work: A Photo Journal

    Date 28 Nov 2016
    photos and captions by Catherine LaRivière Gallery Manager and featured artist Chloe Rowan rocking some AHCSSA merch in front of her piece, Mtn Drips Artist Lauren Morris with her piece, How Deep is Your Love Artist Michael Rozen with his featured works, Eighty-Eight and La Capital Artist Michelle Takamori with…

  4. Interview with Adam Melnyk: Where Art Meets Engineering

    Date 25 Nov 2016
    by Jacqueline Hampshire Having grown up in Toronto, Adam Melnyk now finds himself at McGill, balancing being an artist and studying Bio Engineering (yikes). Adam’s self-portrait caught my eye at the FDG vernissage, and soon after, I got the chance to sit down with Adam to ask him about his…

  5. The Contemporary Self-Portrait

    Date 23 Nov 2016
    by Kennedy Rooke It’s Friday night, you’re getting ready to go out with your friends. Maybe you’re wearing makeup for the first time in who-knows-when, maybe you’re not wearing sweatpants for once, maybe the permanent stress/exhaustion bags under your eyes are looking a little less pronounced. You catch a glimpse…

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