1. Teleporting to Concordia Fine Arts Through Corrupt Portal

    Date 04 Nov 2018
    By Nicholas Raffoul Concordia Fine Arts come to life in a small-scale vivid exhibition made up of ten student artists. Corrupted Portal is a multisensory exhibition presenting one set of work from each artist, each work opening up a different gateway into their artistic processes, the past, and the present.…

  2. Remixing Street Art at Galerie Blanc

    Date 04 Nov 2018
    By Sophia Kamps Montreal is a city that seems to argue that, with every painted wall, outdoor film screening, and public installation the city itself is a gallery. Walking through the plateau, each block is a work of art, colorful and dynamic. I’ve stumbled upon late night documentary screenings in…

  3. Picturing Femininity: Marisa Portolese at McCord Museum

    Date 01 Nov 2018
    By Katya Conrad At first glance, Marisa Portolese’s photographs may suggest an almost Instagram-style aesthetic that is merely blown up to fit gallery walls, however a deeper look into her residency at McCord Museum provides an insight into the impact of historical artistic tendencies upon contemporary art today. Marisa Portolese’s…

  4. Calder: Suspension in the Museum of Fine Arts

    Date 26 Oct 2018
    By Marie-Caroline Roussel Alexander Calder was a key figure in 20th century art. It is likely that you are familiar with his artworks, one of which (Trois Disques) is located in Parc Jean Drapeau on Montreal’s Sainte Hélène island. Alexander Calder, Trois Disques,  1967 Born in Pennsylvania, he…

  5. Movies at the MAC: A Review of Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto

    Date 25 Oct 2018
    By Olivia Anzalone Now through January, Montreal’s Musée d’art contemporain is host to German artist Julian Rosefeldt’s immersive, 13-channel video installation, Manifesto. Known for his highly choreographed and visually rich moving-image works, Rosefeldt uses cinematic tropes accompanied by humor and satire to transport viewers into surreal, theatrical realms. The artist…

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