1. Looking at Art and Thinking About Dinner

    23 Jan 2017
    By Kennedy Rooke Chloe Wise’s third solo exhibition at Galerie Division ended last weekend. “Cats Not Fighting is a Horrible Sound as Well” is a collection of portraits, drawings, sculptures, and a video installation. Wise is a 26(!) year old artist originally from Montreal, living in New York. If you…

  2. Labour of Love: Textile Art and Matriarchal Histories

    20 Jan 2017
    by Brianne Chapelle  This interview was conducted the day of the vernissage, just hours before Erika’s performance would begin. The last question was asked after the vernissage to gauge what concerns of Erika’s in doing a work like this became a reality, and what the experience of performing in this way

  3. In the room, the women come and go, talking of Michelangelo

    18 Jan 2017
    by Catherine LaRivière Having grown up in Montreal, I guess I’ve taken for granted the access to all of the art and culture that permeates throughout the city. Museums have always had a deep-seated place in my heart, both as an Art History student now and a curious child not…

  4. The Subject of the Subject: Getting on the Other Side of the Canvas

    17 Jan 2017
    by Deanna Duxbury I don’t like to talk about my “sometimes” modeling. I know that many people go into the industry with professional interests, but that was never my intent. I’ve done a range of things from beach shoots to jewellery advertisements. Though, personally, I prefer doing collaborative portrait work…

  5. How to “Make it as a Hypebeast”: A Collection of Thoughts

    16 Jan 2017
    by Aimée Tian Disclaimer: if you get offended, please don’t. It probably just means that you’ve made it. 1. First things first. Do a lot of background research. Know your brands. After all, streetwear fashion has become the mainstream nowadays, anyways. Better to keep up. 2. Follow sites like Complex,…

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