1. Jules Tomi, on la quotidienne, Robert Doisneau, and photography as ‘art’

    Date 17 Nov 2016
    by Aimée Tian It’s 8pm on a dreary Monday night and Jules and I have agreed to meet at Café Aunja. The place is packed with people chattering away, their voices blending into the soft melodic tunes of the Indie playlist that scores the background. I sit down with my…

  2. Short Films for Short Attention Spans

    Date 16 Nov 2016
    by Sarah Bentivegna If you’re anything like me, then sitting through a 90+ minute film without pause can be a bit difficult. I’m not proud to admit, but when it comes to films my attention span is remarkably short. Although I do love a good full length film, I’ve come…

  3. A Conversation and a Coffee with Chloe

    Date 15 Nov 2016
    by Catherine LaRivière Chloe Rowan is a student at McGill and a featured artist in the upcoming Fridge Door Gallery vernissage “process(ed)”. I sat down to talk with her about what it’s like to balance being an artist and a student, what kind of processes she goes through in making…

  4. 5 Reasons to Drop Everything and Run to Process(ed), the FDG Vernissage

    Date 14 Nov 2016
    by Brianne Chapelle Made using Canva. 1. Support local artists- buy stickers from previous FDG artists (who will get 100% of the profit!!), buy student artwork, and generally provide some feel good vibes! FDG Stickers on sale throughout the semester, profit going 100% to the artists. 2. It’s student run,

  5. Accidents as Process: FDG Artist Interview

    Date 10 Nov 2016
    by Jacqueline Hampshire After being born in Holland, growing up in Switzerland and living in Lebanon, Usamah Khan found himself following in the footsteps of his father, attending McGill University and inheriting one of his old cameras. Having graduated from Civil Engineering in 2014, Usamah now lives and works in…

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