1. Interview with Montreal-based Artist Jeffrey Rosenberg

    01 Nov 2016
    by Sarah Bentivegna I’ve always been interested in finding and supporting local artists. It’s not so hard to do so within the McGill community due to all of the different creative outlets that expose them, such as Fridge Door itself. Since coming to Montreal two years ago, I found myself…

  2. Have you met Wendy?

    27 Oct 2016
    by Jacqueline Hampshire In 2014, Kahnawake-born, Montréal-based artist Walter Scott gave the world Wendy. The graphic novel follows Wendy, an art school grad with big dreams of art-world success and a knack for questionable decision-making.  Wendy drinks too much and smokes too much, sleeps with greasy band members and has…

  3. How to Pretend Like You Know Stuff About Art: A Guide

    26 Oct 2016
    by Kennedy Rooke Do you ever go to a museum or gallery to see some cool new exhibit, ready to absorb the art into your being, hopefully to become a more cultured and intelligent person, only to remember your sorry ass doesn’t know much about art and you are sure…

  4. Alessandra Salituri’s Citizen Atelier: the International Online Art Gallery of Your Dreams

    24 Oct 2016
    by Deanna Duxbury Are you familiar with Sherlock Holmes? There’s a whole aesthetic around the Victorian knick-knack obsessed, clustered and crowded bourgeois apartment that he famously occupied. Cluttered with curious and eclectic objects, I too live in this perpetual state of mayhem. It’s in my blood. I have oil paintings…

  5. Bad Lunch: Gallery, Venue, Home

    24 Oct 2016
    by Ann Cernek Last week I sat down with Laura di Maio in Pourquoi Pas Espresso Bar where we spoke about her photography and the support that many Montréal cafés show for local artists. Our next venture takes us to a modest brick house just off the Lachine Canal. Here…

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