1. Look at me, don’t be shy

    21 Oct 2016
    by Catherine LaRivière In her notorious essay “Against Interpretation,” Susan Sontag writes: “In place of a hermeneutics, we need an erotics of art.” The photographic work of Robert Mapplethorpe currently being exhibited at the MBAM certainly embodies the idea of an “erotics of art;” equal parts scintillating, scandalizing, sordid, and…

  2. Self-fashioning // SHE Photographs

    20 Oct 2016
    by Brianne Chapelle I walked to the MBAM from campus to find a piece of myself that is feeling particularly drowned by responsibilities. I walk down the “stairs” (an inside joke for all those who have descended them) and find my way to the SHE Photographs exhibit. The wall text discusses the idea that…

  3. So Toulouse-Lautrec isn’t from Toulouse?

    20 Oct 2016
    by Sarah Bentivegna My love for Toulouse-Lautrec first blossomed at the tender age of thirteen during a two week exchange program in southern France. I was hormone-ridden, angsty, and my level of French was that of a toddler. To say I stumbled around the south of France was an understatement. It…

  4. I Went to the Aqua Khoria Show at SAT…here’s what happened.

    19 Oct 2016
    by Aimée Tian Imagine an alternate reality, a fully aqueous space of unquantifiable digital dimensions. This is the world envisioned by Zach Settel and Peter Trosztmer in Aqua Khoria, a multi-sensory presentation fusing digital projections with contemporary dance and surround-sound experiences.  Prior to visiting the exhibition, I was unsure of…

  5. Ode to a Horse Girl

    17 Oct 2016
    by Kennedy Rooke I discovered Lisa Hanawalt one night after watching a music video she designed and directed for the Tegan and Sara song “Hang on to the Night”. I fell in love with the song, video, and her, immediately. I recommend watching it in the dark, full screen, with…

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