1. Ma Belle Soirée

    14 Oct 2016
    by Jacqueline Hampshire Often after a day of back-to-back lectures and a lack of caffeine, I find myself counting the days till I can say my final farewell to cramped lecture halls and Power Point presentations. It wasn’t always this way. There was a time, long, long ago, when lecture halls…

  2. Interview with Travel Photographer Mahnoor Malik

    13 Oct 2016
    by Nat Kim I met with travel photographer Mahnoor Malik to talk inspiration, challenges, and direction. Mahnoor shoots in locations all over the globe, including Indonesia, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and New York. Her current series, In Transit, has been three years in the making. See her website, Facebook Page, and her…

  3. Audrey Smith Interview

    12 Oct 2016
    by Deanna Duxbury I love how you can know someone for years, see his or her art, and find something profoundly new. Interviewing old friend and figurative artist, Audrey Smith was like walking into your apartment and finding someone painted the all walls your favorite color. Serendipitous and oddly personal. 

  4. Exhibition Spaces: Laura di Maio’s “Form & Perform” at Pourquoi Pas Espresso Bar

    11 Oct 2016
    by Ann Cernek Laura di Maio and Ann Cernek The first public exhibition of visual art was at the Palais du Louvre in 1793. The new institution – which was to showcase mostly French artists – was designed to raise the spirits of post-Revolutionary France. But the lavishly-decorated royal palace…

  5. Meet the Editorial Board

    10 Oct 2016
    compiled by Catherine LaRivière Graphic made using Canva. Greetings FDG enthusiasts! A new school year means new beginnings, and the FDG’s blog is getting a kickstart of its own with its newly minted editorial team.Before we dive head first into our content, we thought you might like to get to know…

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