1. “Soft Power” and the Instrumentalization of Art in World Politics

    12 Nov 2018
    By Hannah Megally Jasmina Cibic’s “Everything That You Desire and Nothing That You Fear,” a multimedia exhibit currently taking place at the DHC/ART museum in Montreal, critically examines the instrumentalization of art and architecture in nation building and the making of international status. Cibic’s work explores the concept of “soft…

  2. Marie-Denise Douyon’s “L’Art de se recréer:” A Show for Introspection

    12 Nov 2018
    By Marie-Caroline Roussel “Kreol-nippon I, II, III” Gallery GORA is not a typical art gallery. It is difficult to find, relatively unadvertised, and hidden from the outside world, despite existing in an impressively large space and at one of the busiest intersections of downtown Montreal. Even once I entered the…

  3. How much longer will we need the Guerrilla Girls?

    09 Nov 2018
    By Laure Brezard Montreal’s Studio XX is currently holding the 13th edition of the HTMlles feminist festival of media art and digital culture. The festival is an “international platform dedicated to the presentation of innovative and independent media artworks […] created by artists who identify as women, queer, transgender and…

  4. Installation Art and Social Media: A Review of Crystal Wagner’s “Traverse”

    07 Nov 2018
    By Olivia Anzalone This October, Burlington City Arts (BCA) in Burlington, Vermont was host to multidisciplinary artist Crystal Wagner’s exhibit Traverse. Wagner’s works transform organic and biomorphic designs into prints, sculptures, and sprawling installations that feature bright colors and organic forms. Creating both 2D and 3D works, Wagner emphasizes bold…

  5. Teleporting to Concordia Fine Arts Through Corrupt Portal

    04 Nov 2018
    By Nicholas Raffoul Concordia Fine Arts come to life in a small-scale vivid exhibition made up of ten student artists. Corrupted Portal is a multisensory exhibition presenting one set of work from each artist, each work opening up a different gateway into their artistic processes, the past, and the present.…

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