1. Eschewing Perceptual Absolutes: James Turrell at MoMA PS1

    Date 19 Mar 2018
    by Anya Kowalchuk James Turrell’s prolific oeuvre has long transcended the reach of the art world, due to its formidable use of light and space. Turrell’s work is realized in approximately 22 different self-described categories, though his most iconic are Skylights, Ganzfelds and Shallow Space constructions. His installation Meeting (1986),…

  2. 101 Spring Street: A Deeply Penetrative Practice of Space-Giving

    Date 15 Mar 2018
    by Nora McCready On a brisk March evening a friend and I ventured downtown to SoHo to visit Donald Judd’s New York home and studio. Donald Judd was a significant modern artist, most famous for his minimalist architectural sculptures that deal with issues of space, light and material. He is…

  3. Contained: Past Histories and Possible Futures of Containing Disease

    Date 14 Mar 2018
    by Mariah Lamont-Lennox I was back in Toronto, my hometown, this past week and I was so happy that I had the opportunity to see the exhibition Contained by artist Elaine Whittaker at The Red Head Gallery. The Red Head Gallery is an artist-run collective whose mandate is to exhibit established as well…

  4. Visit Historic and Gay Montreal! Touristic Posters from the 1950s

    Date 13 Mar 2018
    by Tara Allen Flanagan The first half of the 20th century was a rough time for Montreal’s tourism industry. The end of World War 1 led to a boom of economic growth, yet The Great Depression halted any further expansion and resulted in mass unemployment. The city only began to…

  5. The Redemption of Minimalism at Fonderie Darling’s Buveures de Quintessences

    Date 01 Mar 2018
    by Anya Kowalchuk Alexandre David’s work overtly draws on canonical tenets of the minimalist movement. Minimalism’s aesthetically problematic past fades away when taken on by David, making a distinct impression it has been reclaimed by the people. This democratization is primarily triggered by the simple act of interaction. Here it…

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