1. Wearing our Identity

    05 Apr 2018
    by Emma Renaud How much do the clothes you wear reflect your identity? Reflect where you come from? Clothes have always been around and each culture has its own and unique wardrobe. Wherever you come from, there’s always going to be the clothes that tell an entire story from the past, allowing…

  2. Treasures Untold: Jerry Saltz on Instagram

    04 Apr 2018
    by Anya Kowalchuk The art world’s relationship to Instagram is frankly fascinating. A quick scan of major galleries on the platform yields professionally curated and meticulously captioned photos, with all the formalities of a real visit. I follow many of these galleries; the MoMA, the Met, the Tate, the New…

  3. Five Things I Learnt from Working at an Art Fair

    03 Apr 2018
    by Mariah Lamont-Lennox Last week I skipped school to go to New York City. A dayum fun idea, but I didn’t go just to gad about the city, I was actually there to help out my mum’s gallery at The Affordable Art Fair NYC. Source: The Affordable Art Fair NYC…

  4. Human Structures McGill: The New Kids on the Block

    29 Mar 2018
    by Tara Allen Flanagan La Balade pour la Paix: An Open-air Museum was a public exhibit that extended along Sherbrooke street and McGill’s campus as a part of the city’s various birthday celebrations. McGill’s front lawns were host to a colorful array of sculptures and public art installations this past summer,…

  5. Theaster Gates, “The Black Madonna”

    28 Mar 2018
    by Nora McCready On Tuesday, March 20, Theaster Gates gave a talk discussing his current project, “The Black Madonna.” The talk was organized by Art Speaks, an organization created by DHC/ART, and took place at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montreal. Gates is a multidisciplinary artist, urban planner, and community…

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