1. Movies about Muses

    27 Mar 2018
    by Nina Chabel It’s that time of the semester again where I want to forget about the upcoming finals madness and stay in my bed and watch movies. I’m a big fan of biopics, especially ones about artists. I loved Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003) and Renoir (2012), both…

  2. My First Love in Picture Books

    26 Mar 2018
    by Sylvie Schwartz Like that of many people, my early introduction to art was through picture books. At 22 years old with a full English literature major under my belt, the books I read every night as a preschooler are still among my very favourites. I find them to be…

  3. FOFA Gallery - The Material Turn

    22 Mar 2018
    by Emma Renaud Located on Sainte-Catherine Street, Concordia’s Sir George Williams Campus offers four fine arts galleries - one of them being the FOFA Gallery. The FOFA Gallery is an exhibition and research space displaying activities and projects from Concordia’s Faculty of Fine Arts. Between Black Mirror and ExMachina, we live in a…

  4. Earthlings at La Galerie UQAM

    20 Mar 2018
    by Nina Chabel La Galerie UQAM brings together artists Roger Aksadjuak, Shuvinai Ashoona, Pierre Aupilardjuk, Shary Boyle, Jessie Kenalogak, John Kurok, and Leo Napayok in a group exhibit titled “Earthlings.” These seven artists showcase individual work as well as collaborations. The exhibit features drawings, paintings, and sculptures, all focusing on…

  5. Eschewing Perceptual Absolutes: James Turrell at MoMA PS1

    19 Mar 2018
    by Anya Kowalchuk James Turrell’s prolific oeuvre has long transcended the reach of the art world, due to its formidable use of light and space. Turrell’s work is realized in approximately 22 different self-described categories, though his most iconic are Skylights, Ganzfelds and Shallow Space constructions. His installation Meeting (1986),…

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