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Podcasts about Art

by Mariah Lamont-Lennox

Source: The Artsy Podcast, No. 54: Petra Collins and Marilyn Minter Talk Feminism and Horror Flicks.

It seems like just about everyone is listening to podcasts these days, and for good reason - there are so many great ones out there! Unsurprisingly for an Art History student, I mostly listen to podcasts related to arts and culture. 

Here are three that I have been particularly enjoying lately:

Source, SoundCloud, The Artsy Podcast.

1. Artsy

This podcast presents fascinating insights into the art world, and is curated by the editors of Artsy, an online platform that connects art galleries, collectors, museums and the general public. They also manage an online publication, Artsy Magazine. In each episode of the podcast, the team of editors at Artsy discuss a selected topic, ranging from the latest scandal in the art world, to the history of art and interviews with different artists.

Last episode that I listened to: The Artsy Podcast, No. 54: Petra Collins and Marilyn Minter Talk Feminism and Horror Flicks

Source: WNYC shows, A Piece of Work.

2. A Piece of Work

A Piece of Work is a collaboration between the MoMA and the WNYC studios. The host, Abbi Jacobson (also known as one of the co-creators/stars/kweens of the hit show Broad City) discusses different topics related to modern and contemporary art, centred around work found in the museum’s collection.

First off - I love Broad City. I think it is so so funny; the relationship between the main characters Abbi and Ilana reminds me of my best friend and I. So I already had high expectations for this podcast, despite not being the biggest fan of modern art. A lot of emphasis is put into making modern art accessible to all viewers and stressing the idea that anyone and everyone can understand and enjoy all the works of art in the MoMA’s collection. Abbi Jacobson is an awesome host and some of the special guests are really entertaining too! Definitely worth checking out. 

Last episode that I listened to: #10: The Writing on the Wall

Source: iTunes, The Art History Babes.

3. The Art History Babes

The Art History Babes is hosted by Jen, Natalie, Ginny and Corrie: ‘four fresh Masters [who] drink wine and discuss all things visual culture’. These lovely art historians discuss a wide range of topics, most often focusing on an individual artist or work of art for the duration of the podcast. They divide their content into regular episodes (where they drink wine and discuss an art historical topic), Art History Babe Briefs (where they discuss the quick facts about a topic), and Hot Takes (where they discuss a wider range of topics outside of art history and relate them back to visual culture). There are always some fun inside-jokes about studying art history in university for all you art history nerds!

Last episode that I listened to: Sonia Delaunay 

While these are just three art-related podcasts that I suggest you check out - certainly not a comprehensive list by any means - I hope I have sparked some interest for those who do not already tune in!

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