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5 Reasons to Drop Everything and Run to Process(ed), the FDG Vernissage

by Brianne Chapelle

Made using Canva.

1. Support local artists- buy stickers from previous FDG artists (who will get 100% of the profit!!), buy student artwork, and generally provide some feel good vibes!

FDG Stickers on sale throughout the semester, profit going 100% to the artists.

2. It’s student run, showcasing all student art!

Here’s last year’s team having some fun.

3. Flex your artsy-fartsy muscles like Kennedy taught us.

4. There will be a live performance art piece by Erika Kindsfather which we all rarely have the opportunity to see first hand! Check out an image from last year’s first ever FDG performance below.

Chris Gismondi

5. If you read up until this point, you deserve to know that there will be wine, cheese, and cookies!

Like I said, snacks.

In all seriousness, the FDG vernissage is an event I look forward to each semester and all of us at FDG would love your attendance! See you there!

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