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Interview with Perspectives/Perceptions Artist Sarah Bentivegna

Sarah Bentivegna wa one of the artists featured in Fridge Door’s Winter 2016 exhibition Perspectives/Perceptions. She is a second year linguistics student at McGill whose work varies between film, photos, and collages made from various magazines and advertisements, and the occasional painting.

Interview by Lena Anne

When did you first become interested in making art?

I first found that I liked to make art when I was very young. I loved to draw, paint, and even tried linoleum block carving and printing. It wasn’t until later that I found cutting up magazines and creating collages could result in something interesting. 

How has your work evolved over the years?

My work has come a long way from being random cutouts haphazardly thrown onto a piece of paper, to being more cohesive and creating a structured idea.

What would you say inspires your work?

Ethereal landscapes, the colors and textures of the elements, and the relation between silhouettes and their surroundings.

Where are you from originally? Would you say that where you’re from has at all influenced your work?

I grew up in Connecticut, USA. Being an hour outside of New York City influenced me from when I was little. I was exposed to a very cosmopolitan, progressive, and creative environment every time I even walked on the manhattan sidewalks. I admired the lifestyles of the creative minds there.

Your work varies in medium – do you have one you prefer or tend to gravitate towards more? Is there a common theme throughout all mediums?

I absolutely love photography and I will continue to practice it throughout my life, but I have found that creating collages gives me a greater sense of achievement. Using old magazines and advertisements to create something new really is the epitome of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I love making something from what might just have been thrown away.

Two of your collages were featured in Perspectives/Perceptions, how did you get started with this particular medium?

I started with this medium around the age of 14. I was mostly inspired by mood-boards that I saw in magazines or on the internet, and began to find and piece together images that I thought complimented each other well.

Have your studies at McGill at all affected your work? Either as an influence, or as a hindrance?

Unfortunately, my studies at McGill have hindered my work, only because I have much less free time to spend on my work. Despite that, I find that creating art at university has been much more gratifying. There is such a large artistic community at McGill and in Montreal, and it has been life changing to see how my art has reached even a small part of this community.

Where is your favorite MTL hang out?

I love to hang out at Cafe Humble Lion because of the close proximity to campus, and the coffee of course.

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