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Posts tagged with Anya-Kowalchuk

  1. Treasures Untold: Jerry Saltz on Instagram

    04 Apr 2018

    by Anya Kowalchuk The art world’s relationship to Instagram is frankly fascinating. A quick scan of major galleries on the platform yields professionally curated and meticulously captioned photos, with all the formalities of a real visit. I follow many of these galleries; the MoMA, the Met, the Tate, the New…

  2. Eschewing Perceptual Absolutes: James Turrell at MoMA PS1

    19 Mar 2018

    by Anya Kowalchuk James Turrell’s prolific oeuvre has long transcended the reach of the art world, due to its formidable use of light and space. Turrell’s work is realized in approximately 22 different self-described categories, though his most iconic are Skylights, Ganzfelds and Shallow Space constructions. His installation Meeting (1986),…

  3. The Redemption of Minimalism at Fonderie Darling’s Buveures de Quintessences

    01 Mar 2018

    by Anya Kowalchuk Alexandre David’s work overtly draws on canonical tenets of the minimalist movement. Minimalism’s aesthetically problematic past fades away when taken on by David, making a distinct impression it has been reclaimed by the people. This democratization is primarily triggered by the simple act of interaction. Here it…

  4. 1001 Lights: A Collective Exhibit of Solitary Reflection

    12 Feb 2018

    by Anya Kowalchuk On January 28th, the Jewish Museum of Montreal hosted a vernissage to celebrate the installation of their latest exhibit 1001 Lights. The project comes from artists Marlene Millar and Philip Szporer, who began collaborating in 1997. The exhibit consists of a 15-minute video projection, featuring various women…

  5. Exhibiting or Valorizing? Musee des Baux Arts’ Once Upon a Time…

    31 Jan 2018

    by Anya Kowalchuk The MBA’s current exhibit Once Upon a Time…. Presents a confusing array of painting, artifact and film relating to the Western frontier. Two major tensions arise throughout the exhibit, often critically relating to each other. While the exhibit does not purport itself to be a reevaluation of…

  6. Paperwork and the Will of Capital

    25 Oct 2017

    Exploring Global Economic Market Relations via the “Impossible Bouquet” by Anya Kowalchuk  Taryn Simon’s current exhibit at the Musee d’Art Contemporain elegantly deconstructs vast global networks of geo-political relations that have come to characterize international affairs since 1944. She does this by making a study of floral arrangements present…

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