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  1. Camilla Engstrom Could Be Your Daily Positivity Intake

    17 Mar 2019

    By Laure Brezard Camilla Engstrom Art can be inaccessible and hard to grasp; it can be elitist, and may at times make you feel uncomfortable –these characteristics are sometimes seen as inherently part of art. Many artists and movements have tried to break away from this very notion, trying to…

  2. Art Out of Sight: Hilma af Klint at the Guggenheim

    25 Jan 2019

    By Laure Brézard Don’t feel uncultured if you haven’t heard about the painter Hilma af Klint (until last week, I hadn’t either, and until the first solo exhibition in the US dedicated to her opened at the Guggenheim last October, I doubt many people outside the art world had). The…

  3. Tarot Art: Different Readings of Your Fortune

    18 Jan 2019

    By Laure Brézard Salvador Dali, “King of Pentacles” Salvador Dali, “The Moon” Salvador Dali, “The Sun” Salvador Dali, “The Tower” Tarot cards are a fairly widespread form of fortune-telling, and as most fortune-telling mediums, they are often fascinating and seemingly inaccessible to us mere mortals. However, with some practice, we…

  4. How much longer will we need the Guerrilla Girls?

    09 Nov 2018

    By Laure Brezard Montreal’s Studio XX is currently holding the 13th edition of the HTMlles feminist festival of media art and digital culture. The festival is an “international platform dedicated to the presentation of innovative and independent media artworks […] created by artists who identify as women, queer, transgender and…

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