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Posts tagged with Nina-Chabel

  1. Fridge Door Gallery Presents Idle Hands by Erika Kindsfather

    17 Jan 2018

    Interview by Nina Chabel Fridge Door Gallery’s 2017 Fall vernissage happened last November where it showcased a variety of artwork by McGill Students. The exhibit had a performance piece called Idle Hands  by Erika Kindsfather. Referencing the biblical saying “idle hands are the devil’s workshop,” this piece aims to bring to…

  2. Museums in Movies

    13 Nov 2017

    by Nina Chabel This is that time in the semester when I have a million things to write and a million and one things to read and all I keep thinking about is everything else I wish I was doing instead. So many new exhibits popping up all over the…

  3. Janie-Julien Fort and the Materiality of Photography

    19 Oct 2017

    by Nina Chabel  Exhibited at the contemporary photography art gallery La Castiglione, Faire Rouler La Machine is the result of photo developing accidents and experiments in the dark room by Janie Julien-Fort. The results of these processes and manipulations have been compiled from a period of over five years and…

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