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  1. Ariana Grande and the Appropriation of Foreign Scripts: A Tale as Old as 10th Century Byzantium

    18 Feb 2019

    By Sophia Kamps January 29, 2019: Pop superstar Ariana Grande revealed a new tattoo to celebrate the release of her single “7 Rings.” The Japanese characters on her palm, intended to say 7 rings, actually meant BBQ grill. 10th Century, Christian Constantinople: A glass bowl was decorated with elaborate medallions…

  2. The Rise of the Introspective Instagram Comic

    14 Jan 2019

    By Sophia Kamps Bill Watterson My first love with comic strips was Calvin and Hobbes. I never really considered them art. Instead, I considered them stories. Funny, relatable, sometimes oddly heartbreaking stories. When I was seventeen, that precarious age when life seems to be rushing quickly towards an end of…

  3. Malleability of Clay: Ceramics at the McClure Gallery

    20 Nov 2018

    By Sophia Kamps Currently showing at the McClure Gallery at the Visual Arts Center is 573°, the third installment in the Virginia McClure Ceramic Biennale. This year’s exhibit features the work of five ceramicists, Catherine De Abreu, Veronika Horlik, Julie Lavoie, Guy Simoneau, and Vera Vicente, all based in Quebec.…

  4. Remixing Street Art at Galerie Blanc

    04 Nov 2018

    By Sophia Kamps Montreal is a city that seems to argue that, with every painted wall, outdoor film screening, and public installation the city itself is a gallery. Walking through the plateau, each block is a work of art, colorful and dynamic. I’ve stumbled upon late night documentary screenings in…

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