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  1. Processing “Process(ed)”: A Photo Journal

    28 Nov 2016

    photos and captions by Catherine LaRivière Co-president Dylan Brekka greeting the incoming crowd Observing works by Nikhil Tangirala and Michelle Takamori Raphael, Jules Tomi’s model for Nnaemeka, checking out works by Adam Melnyk, Sofia Schmidt, and Taylor Mitchell Checking out work by Chloe Rowan Co-president Catherine LaMendola and friends Digital Content…

  2. Artists and Their Work: A Photo Journal

    28 Nov 2016

    photos and captions by Catherine LaRivière Gallery Manager and featured artist Chloe Rowan rocking some AHCSSA merch in front of her piece, Mtn Drips Artist Lauren Morris with her piece, How Deep is Your Love Artist Michael Rozen with his featured works, Eighty-Eight and La Capital Artist Michelle Takamori with…

  3. A Conversation and a Coffee with Chloe

    15 Nov 2016

    by Catherine LaRivière Chloe Rowan is a student at McGill and a featured artist in the upcoming Fridge Door Gallery vernissage “process(ed)”. I sat down to talk with her about what it’s like to balance being an artist and a student, what kind of processes she goes through in making…

  4. Painted Fourth Walls

    04 Nov 2016

    by Catherine LaRivière My morning commute from the suburbs is a long one, usually about two hours spent on a bus or train catching up on readings and beginning the process of keeping myself sufficiently caffeinated for the day. It’s the same mundane drudgery as any other trip into town;…

  5. Look at me, don’t be shy

    21 Oct 2016

    by Catherine LaRivière In her notorious essay “Against Interpretation,” Susan Sontag writes: “In place of a hermeneutics, we need an erotics of art.” The photographic work of Robert Mapplethorpe currently being exhibited at the MBAM certainly embodies the idea of an “erotics of art;” equal parts scintillating, scandalizing, sordid, and…

  6. Meet the Editorial Board

    10 Oct 2016

    compiled by Catherine LaRivière Graphic made using Canva. Greetings FDG enthusiasts! A new school year means new beginnings, and the FDG’s blog is getting a kickstart of its own with its newly minted editorial team.Before we dive head first into our content, we thought you might like to get to know…

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