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Posts tagged with deanna-duxbury

  1. The Subject of the Subject: Getting on the Other Side of the Canvas

    17 Jan 2017

    by Deanna Duxbury I don’t like to talk about my “sometimes” modeling. I know that many people go into the industry with professional interests, but that was never my intent. I’ve done a range of things from beach shoots to jewellery advertisements. Though, personally, I prefer doing collaborative portrait work…

  2. The Death of the Maneki Neko: An Interview with Michelle Takamori

    22 Nov 2016

    by Deanna Duxbury Michelle Takamori exhibited in this Fridge Door Galley’s fall vernissage “Process(ed)” this past Friday at Glass Door Gallery on Saint-Laurent. Michelle Takamori’s piece displayed in the Fridge Door Gallery 2016 vernissage this November. Deanna Duxbury: Describe your artistic style and why you chose such a stark monochromatic image

  3. “Book Your Event Now!”: Cultural Commentary on The Modern Art Gallery

    08 Nov 2016

    by Deanna Duxbury  Art Gallery of Southern Austrailia I sipped my sparkling drink in silence, walking around the room between partygoers, with an odd sense of separation from the main event. Everyone was crowding and clapping and chatting with their free cocktails. I couldn’t help but feel I was noticing what…

  4. Alessandra Salituri’s Citizen Atelier: the International Online Art Gallery of Your Dreams

    24 Oct 2016

    by Deanna Duxbury Are you familiar with Sherlock Holmes? There’s a whole aesthetic around the Victorian knick-knack obsessed, clustered and crowded bourgeois apartment that he famously occupied. Cluttered with curious and eclectic objects, I too live in this perpetual state of mayhem. It’s in my blood. I have oil paintings…

  5. Audrey Smith Interview

    12 Oct 2016

    by Deanna Duxbury I love how you can know someone for years, see his or her art, and find something profoundly new. Interviewing old friend and figurative artist, Audrey Smith was like walking into your apartment and finding someone painted the all walls your favorite color. Serendipitous and oddly personal. 

  6. Meet the Editorial Board

    10 Oct 2016

    compiled by Catherine LaRivière Graphic made using Canva. Greetings FDG enthusiasts! A new school year means new beginnings, and the FDG’s blog is getting a kickstart of its own with its newly minted editorial team.Before we dive head first into our content, we thought you might like to get to know…

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