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Posts tagged with erika-kindsfather

  1. Making a Zine: A Montréal Resource Guide and Tutorial

    17 Mar 2017

    By: Erika Kindsfather Montréal has a distinct and thriving zine culture, from the yearly Expozine to Montréal Archives’ Distroboto and extensive collections of independently published media. Independent publishing seems to pervade through the city’s activist art spaces, creating a unique accessibility to grassroots ideas, skill-share literature, collective issues, and collaborative…

  2. The Visual Culture of the Women’s March on Washington and the Issue of Archives

    26 Jan 2017

    By Erika Kindsfather Credit:Jenny Sowry  After Donald Trump’s inauguration in the United States and the political concerns surrounding this event sparked a broader interest in public demonstration, the Internet has been ripe with news articles covering the Women’s March on Washington, namely ones listing the “Best Signs” of the event. With the…

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