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  1. “The Manuscripts of Timbuktu”: A Conversation with Cynthia Copper

    06 Feb 2018

    Interview by Nina Chabel I met with photographer Cynthia Copper over a cup of coffee to discuss the series of photographs she took while on her trip to Timbuktu in 2008 with her daughter Pia Copper, and what she thinks of the evolving and changing medium of photography. From this…

  2. A Unique Take on Image Transfer Art: An Interview with Ellie Martin

    22 Jan 2018

    Interview by Mariah Lamont-Lennox ARTIST STATEMENT: Memory is a funny thing. They come in bits and pieces, they linger, they disappear. Gaping holes are left, what you think will stick falls away and what seems trivial remains. Image transferring always reminds me of memory in it’s ephemerality, the ghostly trace

  3. The Death of the Maneki Neko: An Interview with Michelle Takamori

    22 Nov 2016

    by Deanna Duxbury Michelle Takamori exhibited in this Fridge Door Galley’s fall vernissage “Process(ed)” this past Friday at Glass Door Gallery on Saint-Laurent. Michelle Takamori’s piece displayed in the Fridge Door Gallery 2016 vernissage this November. Deanna Duxbury: Describe your artistic style and why you chose such a stark monochromatic image

  4. A Conversation and a Coffee with Chloe

    15 Nov 2016

    by Catherine LaRivière Chloe Rowan is a student at McGill and a featured artist in the upcoming Fridge Door Gallery vernissage “process(ed)”. I sat down to talk with her about what it’s like to balance being an artist and a student, what kind of processes she goes through in making…

  5. Interview with Montreal-based Artist Jeffrey Rosenberg

    01 Nov 2016

    by Sarah Bentivegna I’ve always been interested in finding and supporting local artists. It’s not so hard to do so within the McGill community due to all of the different creative outlets that expose them, such as Fridge Door itself. Since coming to Montreal two years ago, I found myself…

  6. Interview with Travel Photographer Mahnoor Malik

    13 Oct 2016

    by Nat Kim I met with travel photographer Mahnoor Malik to talk inspiration, challenges, and direction. Mahnoor shoots in locations all over the globe, including Indonesia, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and New York. Her current series, In Transit, has been three years in the making. See her website, Facebook Page, and her…

  7. Audrey Smith Interview

    12 Oct 2016

    by Deanna Duxbury I love how you can know someone for years, see his or her art, and find something profoundly new. Interviewing old friend and figurative artist, Audrey Smith was like walking into your apartment and finding someone painted the all walls your favorite color. Serendipitous and oddly personal. 

  8. Interview with Perspectives/Perceptions Artist Haley Mortin

    11 Sep 2016

    Haley Mortin, Untitled 1 Haley Mortin, Untitled 2 Haley Mortin, Amalgam 1 Haley Mortin, Amalgam 2 Haley Mortin, Amalgam 3 by Brianne Chapelle This past week I had the pleasure of speaking with collage artist Haley Mortin who has interesting things to say about the meeting points of psychology and art, and how…

  9. Interview with Amy Goh

    18 Sep 2015

    By Nancy Li Nancy Li interviewed Amy Goh, a McGill alumni currently working as a research assistant. Amy graduated in 2013, and had her work exhibited at The Fridge Door Gallery during their Fall 2010 and Winter 2011 exhibitions. Her work was also featured as the cover of Canvas’s Winter…

  10. Interview with FKA Magazine

    11 Sep 2015

    by Daisy de Montjoye I met with Formerly Known As Magazine founders Natalie Della Valle, Emma Gaudio and Julian Trompeter to talk about their art mag and their upcoming ** party ** (Saturday November 15th)! FKA mag is a Montreal-based art magazine, born out of the desire to highlight and…

  11. Interview with Jenna Larose

    11 Sep 2015

    By Charlotte Routhier Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Coco Chanel Jenna Larose, iPray Photoshoot, 2013 Jenna Larose, Glitch, 2013 After getting to know Jenna Larose,…

  12. Interview with Get Born Magazine

    11 Sep 2015

    By Daisy de Montjoye I met with the Get Born girls to talk about their online mag and their future projects, which include a huge party TONIGHT – FRIDAY THE 13TH. They are three extremely creative and dedicated girls, who have gone through a lot in order to do something…

  13. Interview with Emiliano Morales

    11 Sep 2015

    By Daisy de Montjoye “I am a U1 student doing a double major in Art History and Political Science. This is my first year in university, which means my previous studies were done here in Quebec, and so I went to Dawson College and got a DEC in Fine Arts.…

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