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  1. École Publique / Tigidou Mansion / Digital Photography Collective Soirée at Mezcal Cafe

    19 Apr 2018

    by Mariah Lamont-Lennox Photo by Edouard Chavassieu, 2018 for Digital Photography Collective. Image source: Last Friday I went to a wonderful self-titled event hosted by École Publique / Tigidou Mansion / Digital Photography Collective at Mezcal Cafe, a non-profit artistic agency with a gallery & event space in Montreal. The…

  2. Wearing our Identity

    05 Apr 2018

    by Emma Renaud How much do the clothes you wear reflect your identity? Reflect where you come from? Clothes have always been around and each culture has its own and unique wardrobe. Wherever you come from, there’s always going to be the clothes that tell an entire story from the past, allowing…

  3. FOFA Gallery - The Material Turn

    22 Mar 2018

    by Emma Renaud Located on Sainte-Catherine Street, Concordia’s Sir George Williams Campus offers four fine arts galleries - one of them being the FOFA Gallery. The FOFA Gallery is an exhibition and research space displaying activities and projects from Concordia’s Faculty of Fine Arts. Between Black Mirror and ExMachina, we live in a…

  4. Bill Viola: Naissance à rebours @ DHC/ART

    26 Feb 2018

    by Hannah Nashman The DHC/ART gallery in Old Montreal is honouring their ten year anniversary with a solo exhibition by Bill Viola: Naissance à Rebours (Birth and Re-Birth). This exhibition is open to the public at the DHC in Montreal (465 St- Jean Street) from October 25, 2017 through March 11, 2018. The…

  5. Campeau at the McCord Museum

    22 Feb 2018

    by Nina Chabel The McCord Museum, right near McGill’s downtown campus, currently has on view photographer’s Michel Campeau’s work. Titled “Life Before Digital”, this exhibit encompasses Campeau’s photographs of darkrooms and his personal collection of anonymous colour photographs, bringing to the surface the manual work involved with analog photography. Image source: McCord Museum…

  6. Is there still a limit between the worlds of fashion and art?

    30 Jan 2018

    by Emma Renaud Today, we live in a world where anything and everything can be considered art. The limits of human (or nature)’s creation are non-existent and no boundaries can be imposed on creativity. As soon as the art community acknowledged Marcel Duchamp’s ready-made Fontaine, a whole new world of…

  7. 5 Galleries to Visit for a Study Break

    01 Dec 2017

    by Hannah Nashman It is end-of-term crunch time! Everyone is scrambling to get their final essays and projects done before beginning the daunting task of exam prep. However, we still need to take the occasional break during this busy time of year or maybe offer ourselves a reward for completing an…

  8. How well do you know your neighbourhood?

    22 Nov 2017

    by Emma Renaud It’s my third year here in Montréal and as time passes, I am realizing just how vibrant the city’s history is. We all know of neighbourhoods such as the McGill Ghetto, the Plateau, the Vieux-Port, etc. But how well do you know the past of all those little

  9. Interview with Claudia Faria-Ritelli

    08 Nov 2017

    by Emma Renaud Meet Claudia Faria-Ritelli, a Montréal-born artist. Before moving to São Paulo, Claudia was schooled at F.A.C.E.: a charming, one-of-a-kind school of the arts. She is currently an art student in Montréal, and her work presents a world full of creativity. Her paintings, drawings and collages all have a mesmerizing touch, just like her…

  10. Art Gifts

    30 Oct 2017

    Phil Collins’ free fotolab (2009) by Nina Chabel  Having recently declared my art history major, all the art history classes I have been taking so far were focussed on the European renaissance: the greats of the canon. It is only this semester that I’ve finally dipped my toes into contemporary…

  11. Design Innovation: EDIT by Toronto’s Design Exchange

    20 Oct 2017

    by Mariah Lamont-Lennox There is a special kind of show that has a life after the original exhibition closes. EDIT, an exhibition produced by the Design Exchange in Toronto, is that kind of show. I was lucky enough to visit it on the last day of the show’s ten-day run. It…

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