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Posts tagged with sarah-bentivegna

  1. Short Films for Short Attention Spans

    16 Nov 2016

    by Sarah Bentivegna If you’re anything like me, then sitting through a 90+ minute film without pause can be a bit difficult. I’m not proud to admit, but when it comes to films my attention span is remarkably short. Although I do love a good full length film, I’ve come…

  2. Interview with Montreal-based Artist Jeffrey Rosenberg

    01 Nov 2016

    by Sarah Bentivegna I’ve always been interested in finding and supporting local artists. It’s not so hard to do so within the McGill community due to all of the different creative outlets that expose them, such as Fridge Door itself. Since coming to Montreal two years ago, I found myself…

  3. So Toulouse-Lautrec isn’t from Toulouse?

    20 Oct 2016

    by Sarah Bentivegna My love for Toulouse-Lautrec first blossomed at the tender age of thirteen during a two week exchange program in southern France. I was hormone-ridden, angsty, and my level of French was that of a toddler. To say I stumbled around the south of France was an understatement. It…

  4. Meet the Editorial Board

    10 Oct 2016

    compiled by Catherine LaRivière Graphic made using Canva. Greetings FDG enthusiasts! A new school year means new beginnings, and the FDG’s blog is getting a kickstart of its own with its newly minted editorial team.Before we dive head first into our content, we thought you might like to get to know…

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