Boundaries & Frontiers

Winter 2017

Curatorial Statement:

Our lives are riddled with boundaries and frontiers. We attempt to understand, follow, and in some cases transcend a complex network of physical, psychological, and societal boundaries. In the recent political climate, the presence of global boundaries is amplified and the call for a cultural response is demanding.

The Fridge Door Gallery presented Boundaries/Frontiers as an exploration of boundaries through art. Whether they are internal or external, local or global, real or imagined, art chooses to navigate the boundaries, or push beyond them. The artists and works included in Boundaries/Frontiers offer a wealth of new perspectives through which to understand the concept of boundaries. How do they manifest themselves in our lives? What do they look like? And how can we begin to transcend them?

In Boundaries/Frontiers, The Fridge Door Gallery proudly presented the work of seventeen McGill student artists in the mediums of painting, photography, mixed media, and video. We invite you to take a closer look at what boundaries mean to them and by way consider what boundaries mean to you.

Featured artists:

Usamah Khan

Erika Kindsfather

Cindy Lao

Alejandra Morales

Chloe Rowan

Michael Rozen

Sofia Schmidt

Justine Touchon

Avery Shoemaker

Kenzia Dalie

Jacob Cote

Joe Kroese

Catherine LaRiviere

Hannah Dolin

Jordan Kasarjian

Yanqiu Chen

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