Inspired By...

Fall 2015

Words from the Curator

Inspiration is creativity’s main fuel; it connects thoughts, memories and ideas, transforming them into a work of art. In Ancient Greece, “inspiration” was attained by the artist or poet going into a divine frenzy or poetic madness. Inspiration came from the gods Apollo and Dionysus, and from the muses. The Enlightenment reasoned against mystical inspiration, arguing that ideas emerge in the human mind from both sensation and reflection. Today, Freud’s psychoanalytic legacy locates inspiration within the artist’s subconscious, conceptualizing it as an inner process of the mind. However, since art can speak for itself, these influences and intentions are not always made clear by the artist. Nevertheless, inspiration is the artist’s most important tool. Its source ranges from anything and everything, be it religion, history, literature, music, nature, or art history itself, before being internalized by the artist. Michelangelo was inspired by Antiquity, Kandinsky by music, Dali by his dreams, and even Jeff Koons created a piece inspired by his son’s play-doh.

This Fall, the Fridge Door Gallery attempts to bring to light this source of inspiration and motivation that often remains unknown to the viewer. The exhibition consists of works of art from various media, including painting, photography, collage, sculpture and performance, each of which are accompanied by the artist’s short statement of inspiration. By curating a show centered around this theme, the Fridge Door Gallery hopes to create a more interactive environment between the viewer and the work of art, opening up the mind of the artist for the audience by showing his or her creative path.

Featured Artists

Elisa Penttilä
Margaux Shraiman
Nikhil Tangirala
Ava Zwolinski
Ming Kuo
Jules Tomi
Laura Johnston
Adrian Manchon
Hope Christerson
Sarah Bentivegna
Rahma Wiryomartono
Joachim Dos Santos
Moriah Stendel
Nat Happe
Siting Ni
Haley Mortin
Roohi Vinaik
Chloe Rowan
Dylan Brekka
Queenie Wong
Fiona Sazarin
Michael Rozen
Emma June
Chris Gismondi

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