Fall 2018

Featured Artists

J Aoyama

Genessa Bates

Emma C

Gemma Else

Christina Isaicu

Julie Kerisel

Kaylina Kodlick

Mariah Lamont-Lennox

Lulu Lebowitz

Claire Rawson-Dannenbaum

Sofia Schmidt

Ahmed Soliman

Victoria Taber

Kirsten Wesselow


This semester, the Fridge Door Gallery would like to explore the interconnections between technology, space, and the everyday.

Life in the 21st century is characterized by an ever increasing reliance on technology: our phones become extensions of our arms, our computers extensions of our bodies and our screens extensions of our field of vision. Immersed in everyday life; between, inside and around the mediums and screens that drive, control, consume and connect us, the bridge between human and machine becomes increasingly indistinct. Does this quotidian tension between the unison/divide of humanity and technology connect us or draw us further apart? What do we seek in the depths of our screens?

In the blurring of boundaries between digital and physical worlds, everyday life is no longer private.  We are constantly reproducing our public image, our quotidian lived experiences, online: what we eat, where we study, who our friends are. Our daily interactions take the form of buzz’s, pings, and the text on our screens.   What does it mean to subject oneself to the digital gaze? How does our digital presence impact our everyday physical embodiment? How do our digital and physical identities merge?

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