Perspectives/ Perceptions

Winter 2016

Words from the Curator

It seems almost cliché to ask the age-old, ultimately rhetorical question, “What is art?”, and yet we continuously find ourselves in situations where we are confronted with a piece of work that turns our entire worldview totally on its head. In a general sense, it is safe to say that art deals with representation, and that representations are never pure reflections of reality. From documentary photographs to abstract paintings, works of art are always mediated by something, demonstrating varying degrees of separation from the real. Art thus provides us with infinite possibilities for envisioning the world around us, and artists have consistently been charged with the responsibility of challenging the accepted methods of representation. If we have learned anything from art history, it is that artistic representation refuses definition and avoids generalization. You never know what to expect.

In choosing the pieces for this exhibition, we looked for artists that continue to challenge how we perceive reality, art, and ourselves through their own unique artistic perspectives. Michael Rozen and Alejanda Morales present different ways of envisioning urban spaces through painting, revealing the potential beauty in underappreciated parts of the cities they live in. Collage artists Sarah Bentivegna and Hayley Mortin deconstruct and re-appropriate found images into their own creative visions, while Cody Lieberman, Anton Motivans, and Chloe Rowan show us different ways of envisioning ourselves through portraiture. In his dream-inspired illustrations, Iris Esquivel plays with perspective and different layers of reality. Jules Tomi, Jeff Dahdah, Ava Zwolinski, Roald Teffries, Kavya Anchuri and Adrianna Crisol Pineda offer new ways of looking at our environment through interesting uses of photographic perspective, and Jessie-Jamz Ozaeta questions the authority of the professional camera with his iPhone images.

So, we invite you to drop your preconceived notions of representation and reality and open your mind to new perceptions/perspectives as you encounter these uniquely creative works.

Featured Artists

Michael Rozen
Anton Motivans
Alejandra Morales
Cody Lieberman
Chloe Rowan
Iris Esquivel
Sarah Bentivegna
Hayley Mortin
Jules Tomi
Jessie-Jamz Ozaeta
Jeff Dahdah
Ava Zwolinski
Roald Teffries
Kavya Anchuri
Adrianna Crisol Pineda

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