Winter 2015

Words from the Curator

Jack Kerouac once wrote, “the fact that everybody in the world dreams every night ties all mankind together.” Whether it’s a daydream, a nightmare, a desire or a fantasy, dreams are the workings of an individual’s inner mind, a state in-between the real and unreal. In their darkest or their brightest state, dreams can become a true source of inspiration, a way to delve into one’s psyche in order to find deeper meaning or understanding. The Surrealists, inspired by psychoanalysis, used their dreams to tap into their subconscious in order to stimulate their art and writing. For them, the creative potential of someone’s deep, inner workings was much more powerful than that of conscious thought. While art can be used to depict the world around us, it can also be used to formulate and express one’s inner world and visions.

Cover image: Sarah Bentivegna, Untitled, 2011-2014, Collage, 7.5 x 5”

Featured Artists

Karlo Trost
Bianca Lavric
Lucy Higgs Lockie
Daria Eisner
Zaliqa Rosli
Lena Schwartz
Laura Johnston
Ceci Steyn
Michael Rozen
Cheryl Braganza
Sinthusha Kandiah
Andrew Chung

Sophie Briand
Ava Zwolinski
Georgia Peach
Sophie Reich-Michalik
Hope Christerson
Brendan Leigh
Sarah Muirhead
Kara Katon
Sarah Bentivegna
Daisy de Montjoye
Arash Nayerahmadi

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